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One of the challenges in teaching English as a second language is to make learning as effortless as possible. By making learning easy and fun, the instructor can ensure that the material imparted is received, understood and retained. Language is all about meaning and context. The best way for students to find meaning and context in what they are learning is if they experience it. Is it possible then to teach the English language by allowing the participants to experience it? Yes it is possible, through games. Read more >>>


Learning English as a second language is challenging but not impossible. Students are not only trying to master a new language but they are also learning unfamiliar subject-content. As such, instructors need to use methods that will veer away from spoon-feeding and instead engage students to experience the actual learning process. One such method is using games. Joanne Elliott, author of Interesting ESL Group Activities wrote that the best way to teach children English is to create an illusion that they are just playing games. Below are a few examples and their suggested applications.
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