High Tech ESOL Test Prep

Teachers in the typical public school and college are usually trend-setters when it comes to incorporating the latest technology.  Almost as soon as a new device is introduced, you can find it being used in the classroom.  Strangely, though, that’s not quite as true for ESL (English as a Second Language) Classes.  Traditionally, they’ve remained a bit behind the times.  Fortunately, though, that’s starting to change a bit, as instructors who are helping students to pass the TOEFL, TOIEC, ESOL  & IELTS exams are finding new innovative ways to incorporate new technology.

For instance, ESL games have especially become popular.  Even games that are traditionally thought of as kids’ English and grammar games are found to work well with teaching the new English speaker.
Similar to this, a couple of the handheld video game systems have recently expanded beyond shoot-em-ups into language education.  One of the best programs is called “My English Coach,” which is available for the PSP and Nintendo DS.  It’s a complete language-education course, with lessons, drills, tests, and games to reinforce the material.  The lesson material corresponds well with what is required learning for the major ESOL exams.

On the Internet are a variety of practice tests and drills–probably hundreds, in fact.  This is something the teacher or the student himself could find, since the major search engines are translated into most of the world’s major languages.

Videos and listening programs also are of significant help in preparing for the English exam, as well as online English Lessons.  There are several good websites that allow the student to watch videos.  Some are specific to English learner, others are your standard TV shows that allow the viewer to practice his listening skills.

Videos and listening programs. A number of websites allow students to watch videos. Whether these are specifically made for English learners, or television shows that are popular, students can easily practice their listening skills. These are also a great way to teach slang phrases and pop cultural reference, which older students are always excited about learning.

And finally, the Internet has reinvigorated the whole idea of penpals.  Just do a search for “free penpals” and the student can find an English-speaking friend who will be glad to assist with the learning process.