Comparatives Bingo Games Package

by on November 18, 2015

Here is a great way to teach, review, and practice Comparatives! Included in this package are a Bingo History, Bingo Slang, 20 bingo cards and a crossword puzzle — all using the same vocabulary.

You receive in this package:

  • Bingo History Lesson — Did you know BINGO originated in Italy in 1530?
  • 20 Unique full-color printable bingo cards
  • Bingo Slang and Idioms — Each number in BINGO has a nickname,
    for example,
    3 One Little Flea
    4 Knock at the Door
    5 Man Alive
    6 Tom’s Tricks
  • Winning Patterns of play. Did you know there are numerous different ways to win at BINGO? Full instructions and diagrams are included.
  • Comparatives Crossword Puzzle with Answers. Great homework assignment to reinforce the new vocabulary.
  • Question and answer exercise for small groups using Comparatives
  • Written exercise using comparatives.
  • Written exercise — Word order with Comparatives
  • Full instructions for Teacher
  • Tested in the Classroom and ready to go!


Brilliant! Thanks so much for the preview. I am mivong to Gyeongbuk, South Korea in a few short weeks to become a first-time EPIK teacher! Thanks so much for these online resources!

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